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Pricing for Email Marketing Solution

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Yes, we are a bit more expensive than our competitors, but look at why:

Our Clientele - Wave Evolution is the preferred email marketing service provider for some of the world's and local big names as well as small to medium businesses. They trust us - and so can you!

Our Experience - With our > 6 years of extensive experience doing just email marketing, our skilled email marketer and support team can help you to achieve the best e-marketing results and make sure that things are taking place in the right way.

It's our Core Business - Unlike our competition, we are focused on email marketing, it's our bread and butter and we're very good at it. Sticking to our core business allows us to serve you best.

We are Reliable - We continue to expand our market presence globally and increase the company growth to next level. We will continue to grow our business and hiring top notch professionals to deliver better customer experience.

If price is still of concern, contact us to negotiate!

Solution #1: Email Marketing Software

Option 1: Pay As You Use

Very affordable, buy email credits for the number of emails you need to send. Simply choose the package that matches the number of emails you want to send - from 25, 000 up to 2, 400, 000 email credits. If you subscribe to any of these packages e.g. 100, 000 credits plan, your account will be allocated 100, 000 email credits and is available forever with no expiry date! We also offer a flexible email credits top up upon reaching the allocated credit limit.

Credits 25K 50K 75K 100K 300K 600K 1.2M 2.4M
Validity Period Never Expire Never Expire Never Expire Never Expire Never Expire Never Expire Never Expire Never Expire
Subscribers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Real-time Tracking (opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribe)
Email Delivery (SPF, DKIM, IP rotation, etc...)
Email Templates
HTML Newsletter Design / Conversion Ask Quote Ask Quote Ask Quote Ask Quote Ask Quote Ask Quote Ask Quote Ask Quote
Email Verification (to check real & valid emails) Ask Quote Ask Quote Ask Quote Ask Quote Ask Quote Ask Quote Ask Quote Ask Quote
Support (Local Phone Number, Email & Skype) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price HK$ 1800 HK$ 2050 HK$ 2300 HK$ 2550 HK$ 3550 HK$ 5050 HK$ 7500 HK$ 12000
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Option 2: Enterprise Level (Dedicated IP / Unlimited Sending Solution)

Sending heavily? Or looking for email marketing platform setup in your corporate datacenter? Choose our Enterprise Email Marketing Solution (Unlimited Sending Solution). Unlike typical email marketing services, the Enterprise Email Marketing Solution allows unlimited email sending without restrictions with unlimited mail lists storage. It is made possible to setup our email marketing application on a dedicated server and dedicated IP address. This will involve setting up your very own email marketing server with a Dedicated IP, Authentication (SPF & DKIM), Reverse DNS pointed to your server's hostname.

Sending Speed per 24 hours 5K 25K 50K 100K Higher Sending Needs
Server Type Virtual Server Dedicated Server Dedicated Server Dedicated Server Multiple Servers
Number of IP 5 5 10 20 up to 256
Number of Domain / SMTP 1 1 2 4 Require PowerMTA
Periodic IP Reputation Monitoring Services Ask Quote Ask Quote Ask Quote Ask Quote Ask Quote
Domain Fee (HK$ 130 per domain / year) HK$ 130 HK$ 130 HK$ 260 HK$ 520 To Be Determined
Advance Email Delivery Setup Fee * (one off) HK$ 12500 HK$ 12500 HK$ 12500 HK$ 12500 Ask Quote
Email Server Rental Fee (monthly) HK$ 899 HK$ 1749 HK$ 1999 HK$ 2249 Ask Quote
Total Cost (First Month) HK$ 13529 HK$ 14379 HK$ 14759 HK$ 15269 Ask Quote
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* Implementation of Advance Email Delivery Configuration Solution:
> Setting up Postfix Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)
> Applying for more IP addresses to be rotated (5-10 IP per domain)
> Configure Dovecot
> Setup DKIM keys and SPF for authentication
> sasl authentication
> ReverseDNS setup for servers
> Email throttling and MTA tuning based on ISP receiving limits
> Feedback loop (FBL) Registration for all domains
> DNS Management ( DMARC, MX)
> Configuring Postfix Instances
> SMTP User Pass access
> DKIM Signing Server Setup
> Final checking (email authentication mechanisms & FBL)
> IP warm-up upon setup completion

Solution #2: Hong Kong Business Email Database Rental

We take 1 - 3 days to broadcast to 10, 000 Hong Kong emails. The price shown below includes 1 report per campaign.

Hong Kong Email Database Rental Solution

  • : 10, 000 emails each campaign
  • : Pricing structure:

    Package Price (HK$) Rate
    1 campaign HK$ 2000.00 no discount
    3 campaigns HK$ 3750.00 only HK$1250 / campaign
    5 campaigns HK$ 5000.00 only HK$1000 / campaign
    10 campaigns HK$ 7500.00 only HK$750 / campaign

Number of campaign

Solution #3: HTML Email Newsletter Design

1 page HTML email newsletter with images. The client should provide all texts, pictures or photos.

HTML Newsletter Design

    : Pricing structure:

    Number of Design Price (HK$) Rate
    1 newsletter HK$ 1000.00 no discount
    3 newsletters HK$ 2700.00 only HK$900 / newsletter
    5 newsletters HK$ 4000.00 only HK$800 / newsletter
    10 newsletters HK$ 7500.00 only HK$750 / newsletter

Number of newsletter

Payment bank account details

For payment via local bank deposit or cheque deposit, payment can be made to our company account:
Bank: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC)
Account Name: Wave Evolution Limited
Account Number: 848-713897-838
Kindly scan and email to the payment slip as proof of payment together with your company name and contact information for delivery of services.